My | Process

I strive to showcase your project or product in the best possible way, in the form of high quality and aesthetic photography.  I endeavour to provide technical Images that standout and drive traffic to your business.

Process Steps:

These steps are not set in stone and tend to modify to suit differing project requirements.

  1. Initial discussion

  2. Proposal

  3. Site Evaluation

  4. PhotoShoot

  5. Post-Production (edits)

  6. One round of complimentary changes

  7. Delivery

Post Processing:

All my files will be subject to a certain amount of processing.  This is essential to produce the best possible final images.  However, I can take this process further and blend multiple frames to achieve maximum dynamics and clarity.  Please feel free to access examples of this. 


My | Rates

How much do you charge?

Due to the varied requirements and complexities on each project, please email me for exact fees + licensing here.  I have positioned myself competitively in the market, based on my experience in the Architectural photography sector.  I’m willing to be flexible and work on a broad range of projects. 

Standard Estimated Fees 

Please note I like to tailor fees to individual projects after discussing full photography requirements
Prices will include post production and license.

1 hour of professional photography + editing
Password protected proofing gallery 

3 hours of professional photography + editing
Password protected proofing gallery

6 hours of professional photography + editing
Password protected proofing gallery

Licensing Info


Website and Social media optimised images (sharpening and resizing)


Additional High-end retouching £30 per hour (exposure blending and luminosity masking)

Travel & associated costs (Beyond 30 miles Newbury)

Some questions to think about:

  • What is your budget?

  • How many photos do you need?

  • What will you be using the images for (licensing)?

  • Will I be limited on time (Hourly, half day, full day)?

  • How soon will you need the photos?

  • Post Processing (What level of processing do you need)?

  • Lower resolution images for website and social media?


How many images can you provide?

This really depends on the requirements of the client and the nature of the project. Projects vary, but I tend to deliver around eight images on average. The complexity of the images required and the shooting conditions will have an influence on this, as does the amount of time allocated to the shoot. Image selection is then narrowed down by the client before the final edits are applied and photographs delivered.

What sort of images will you provide?

Before beginning a project, I will need an idea of the style of image you’re looking for and the subject matter to be included. While I tend to prefer to edit in my style of imagery, I can be flexible in post-production and match branding requirements.

How long is the shoot?

This can vary depending on what’s required. Ideally, I would be allowed an appropriate time frame that facilitates me to be considered in my approach.

When do you take the images?

Images are taken to accomplish the client’s requirements. Depending on the project, the shoot will be booked to coincide with advantageous lighting conditions (evening/dusk/diffused daylight).


I offer a one round of complimentary revisions after the client has viewed the photos in the private gallery.